Keeping the value of your investment.

We offer Property Management service to our valued clients. We limit the number of properties we manage in order to provide the best and timely service.   Our goal is to keep the value of your rental home to ensure maximum rental return on your investment and also to maximize home's value when it is time to sell. 


Our unique experience as a Realtor and a property manager enables us to help our clients with some challenging questions, such as Selling or Renting. Since we have experience in both fields, we know when the market is favorable for one or the other. We can also advise our clients on when it is an optimal time to sell and work with the renters to make it a smooth transaction. Our investor clients are happy that we can generate rental income return on their investments and advise them on when to sell for a positive return.  We make sure to qualify all the potential renters and minimize risk on our client's rental property and make sure it is maintained in good condition until it is time to sell.

Never Do These 5 Things When Managing Rental Properties

Running your own rental property management company definitely has its perks.

It diversifies your financial portfolio, brings in a significant amount of supplemental income to help pad bank accounts, fronts the costs of vacations, can help you retire comfortably, and even has the potential to get you away from the 9-5 day job.

That is, if you do it right.